High Temperature Vertical Tubular furnace - Operating temp - 1700 Deg C



A high-temperature tubular furnace with a maximum temperature of 1700°C is a type of laboratory equipment used for high-temperature material processing, synthesis, and testing. It typically consists of a cylindrical chamber made of high-temperature resistant materials such as quartz, alumina, or silicon carbide, and heating elements that wrap around the chamber.


The furnace is designed to heat samples to high temperatures in an inert or reducing atmosphere, typically using a gas such as argon or nitrogen. This is achieved by passing the gas through the chamber to create a protective atmosphere around the sample.

Applications of high-temperature tubular furnaces include sintering, annealing, melting, and crystallization of materials. They are commonly used in materials science, chemistry, geology, and engineering research.

Safety precautions should be taken when using a high-temperature tubular furnace, as the high temperatures and potentially hazardous gases involved can pose a risk to both the user and the environment. Proper training, protective equipment, and ventilation should be used to ensure safe operation.

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