High Temperature Chamber furnace - Operating temp - 1300 Deg C


High Temperature tubular Furnace

A high-temperature tubular furnace is a type of furnace designed to heat materials to very high temperatures in a tubular-shaped chamber. This type of furnace is commonly used in materials science research, as well as in the production of electronic components, ceramics, and other high-temperature materials.


The furnace typically consists of a cylindrical heating chamber made of a high-temperature material such as ceramic or quartz. The chamber is heated by a heating element, which can be made of metal wire or ceramic. The temperature inside the chamber can be controlled by a temperature controller, which adjusts the amount of power supplied to the heating element.

Samples to be heated are placed inside the tubular chamber, usually on a sample holder or boat made of a high-temperature material. The chamber is then sealed to prevent air from entering and reacting with the sample at high temperatures.

High-temperature chamber furnaces can reach temperatures of up to higher, depending on the design and materials used. Some advanced models may also include features such as vacuum or controlled gas atmospheres for specific experimental conditions.

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